Garcinia Cambogia – How does it really work?

We all read about this weight loss product and that weight loss product and sometimes it can be very difficult to read through all the hype and sensationalism to really get down to the nitty gritty about a product and how it actually works and how it is going to help you finally lose that weight you want to lose.

Well the premise behind Garcinia Cambogia, or HCA, is really quite simple. You don’t have to be a chemist or biologist or scientist or even a doctor to understand the simple reaction that your body will have from taking this supplement.

First of all, the HCA extract that is derived from Garcinia is actually Hydroxycitric acid. This acid helps to block fat by inhibiting an enzyme in your body that it uses to convert fat from carbohydrates that you eat. This enzyme is called citrate lyase. If your body doesn’t have the need to convert the calories that you consume through sugars and carbs, the excess is converted to fat for storage for when your body needs it later. The problems start when you don’t use up the reserves and that storage fat remains and you know the drill – those pants start not to fit and that favorite sweater starts to be stretched out a little too far!

Get out your favorite sweater again!

So are you destined to just put away all those favorite clothes because your body is no longer burning off all those calories? Do you really need to spend even more time at the gym or deprive yourself from all of your favorite foods? Well the easy and quick answer is no you don’t but you do have to make one small change in your daily life and that is to jump on the HCA bandwagon and take the supplement that even Dr Oz is gushing about these days. This small change will go a long way to getting to the back of your closet and finding all those clothes that were retro and that are now back in style again!

Another great side effect of taking HCA is that while HCA inhibits the citrate lyase, which also lowers the production of the bad cholesterol, it also decreases or suppresses your overall appetite. You will feel fuller, the need to eat ‘more’ will decrease and when your serotonin levels will also be elevated, you feel better overall. This is like taking an anti-depressant without taking an anti-depressant with all its inherent side effects.

What so good about serotonin?

Increased levels of serotonin also helps people who suffer from emotional eating – when you feel better about yourself, you are less likely to find yourself in the freezer late at night hunting down the pail of ice cream like a bear pawing for honey!

Serotonin is really the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter in your brain that tells you to feel good. It’s like the super highway to your brain that makes you want to smile and go dancing! If your levels of serotonin are low – which can happen for a number of reasons including stress which is the big one you are way less motivated to smile, dance, or eat well. When serotonin is low you may feel extra anxious, depressed, or even in extreme cases suicidal! So finding a way to keep your serotonin levels higher is very important to your overall well being.

HCA can increase your serotonin levels so that you are not emotionally eating and reacting less to stress through food. You can manage your portions easier and the immediate benefits will be weight loss as well! A great win-win for sure!

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